The opportunity

For over 100 years, Allegion’s brands have been security industry trailblazers, developing innovative solutions to keep people and their property safe in their homes, businesses, and beyond. Allegion has a proven history of innovation and a pioneering spirit — with a legacy that includes inventing the first “panic release bar” exit device in the early 1900s as well as building the first electronically controlled lock. And with a vision of seamless access and a safer world, Allegion looked at emerging technologies as an opportunity to, yet again, pioneer the future of security. Recognizing the value of IoT and connected environments, Allegion was looking for ways to leverage novel technologies on the leading edge of innovation in security.

The solution

Allegion collaborated with High Alpha Innovation over the course of four months to conceptualize creative new opportunities and use the lens of a start-up to broaden its view of the digital landscape, both inside and outside of the security industry. 

Allegion’s full executive team plus additional company leaders participated in a sprint with High Alpha Innovation that was focused on launching new ventures and expanding Allegion’s corporate innovation capabilities. Allegion’s leadership team took away many lessons from the experience that they applied to their business. This thinking led Allegion to launch Pin & Tumbler Studio, a nimble internal creative design community and outlet for experimentation, and they quickly began working on a funnel of more than 100 product innovation concepts. The lessons from the sprint helped the Allegion team strengthen its innovation strategy and process, which Allegion believes will drive value for its internal and external customers for years to come.


Allegion partnered with High Alpha Innovation originally to gain a broader view on the evolving digital landscape. Through our learning journey with them, we emerged not only with that knowledge, but also with a fresh perspective on ways to launch new ventures and alternative approaches to delivering solutions to our present and future customers.
Rob Martens, Chief Innovation and Design Officer of Allegion

The results

new ideas in the pipeline
new venture concepts and alternative approaches
an expanded foundation for digital transformation