The opportunity

Silicon Valley Bank has been the financial partner of choice for entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators alike for more than 35 years. As a partner through every stage of a businesses growth, SVB is always seeking new ways to support its customers.

SVB approached High Alpha Innovation with a desire to create new startups in order to drive innovation, as well as to diversify their investment opportunities. SVB saw an opportunity to provide ancillary services to their customers as a way to strengthen their customer relationships. In order to provide increased value to customers, the SVB team wanted to build an ecosystem of resources in the form of startups that expanded beyond their core offerings.

The solution

SVB tapped High Alpha Innovation’s expertise to launch a startup that was complementary to their core business. They didn’t have the operating expertise required to launch a successful startup. When paired with High Alpha’s startup creation experience, SVB’s industry knowledge solidified the balance of power needed to successfully launch a business. With a full pipeline of business ideas, SVB ran two sprints with High Alpha Innovation. Product and company ideas generated during these sprints have influenced SVB’s product line strategy and corporate development.

After partnering with High Alpha Innovation, SVB needed a way to build a steady stream of startups in order to drive true innovation. The solution involved building a venture studio in partnership with the SVB innovation team to systematically create new businesses. SVB implemented the venture studio playbook within their company to concept, build, and launch several new startups each year.


For over 35 years, Silicon Valley Bank has supported the innovators and entrepreneurs that invent the future. High Alpha Innovation has been an important partner as we develop new ideas, solutions and companies together that will help our clients accelerate their own growth and innovation.
Melody Dippold, Head of Innovation, SVB

The results

ideas in the concept funnel
private capital exchange strategy influenced by the venture studio lens
new company launched (currently in private beta)
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