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Startups unlock innovation

Startups are built to learn as quickly as possible—they’re mini laboratories, where novel ideas and agility abound. This agile approach allows organizations to test concepts and gain conviction, or move on to other ideas, as quickly as possible. Through startup creation, organizations can optimize resources to explore new markets and pursue transformative ideas that would be difficult or impossible to pursue through existing internal processes and structures.   

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How we build a startup in 100 days

Orbit is our engagement platform for launching new businesses. We begin by aligning on goals and bounds, extracting latent ideas from the organization, and generating hundreds of new ideas. Through rigorous assumption testing, we select 3-4 concepts to develop in an intense Sprint Week.

During Sprint Week, we compress the first six months of a business into four days, gaining the confidence we need to launch or kill each concept. In a competitive environment, teams go to extraordinary lengths to develop conviction. We test assumptions, talk to customers, and design the business model.

After we launch a startup, we don’t just hire co-founders and advise them. We help them do it. We work alongside co-founders and provide the critical infrastructure, talent, services and resources the startup needs to scale quickly in competitive markets.  



  • Timing: 4–16 weeks

Fill your idea pipeline

We dive deeply into opportunity spaces, identify themes, talk to users, generate ideas, and begin developing and prioritizing concepts.



  • Timing: 1 week

Gain expert conviction

Top concepts compete in a high-intensity Sprint Week where we test assumptions to build confidence for a go/no go launch decision.



  • Timing: 30+ days

Launch new ventures

This isn’t innovation theater. After a launch decision has been made, we invest in the new company and our team of operators helps it scale.  

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