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Tangible and enduring innovation

Every successful startup begins with a simple idea turned extraordinary. With the right talent, process, structure, and incentives in place, a startup has the power to disrupt an entire industry. Using our venture investor lens, High Alpha Innovation helps companies bring their best ideas to life as new ventures in a matter of months. We’ve designed and launched more than 20 startups from the High Alpha venture studio, and our playbook is helping large organizations and their innovation teams achieve similar results. 

Impact Stories

Driving innovation within a 100-year-old manufacturer

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Lending fresh perspective to an industry innovator

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Expanding Talent Pipelines With A Leading Tech Banker

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We innovate with leading organizations

We’ve built startups with Fortune 500 leaders and venture studios with publicly traded companies. We work side-by-side to deploy our venture studio playbook in order to drive strategic and financial impact.