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High Alpha Innovation partners with organizations to launch a steady stream of startups via the venture studio model, which combines systematic company building and venture funding. Venture studios present a prime opportunity for scaled enterprises to systematically and efficiently experiment through these new businesses, which by nature are rapidly designed to learn. After pioneering the venture studio model, High Alpha launched High Alpha Innovation in 2020 to make startup innovation accessible to large organizations. Our dedicated team of company builders, strategists, and designers apply High Alpha’s proven playbook to systematically execute your innovation strategy. We have learned through first hand experience that combining the speed of a venture studio with the knowledge and scale of a large organization can lead to amazing results.

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A safe forum for aspiring and existing immigrant founders to get to know each other, share their journeys, network, and provide support in partnership with Resilient Venture Studio.
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A network of leading innovation advisors who share their expertise with High Alpha Innovation and its portfolio companies and get early access to board, advisory, and investment opportunities.
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A LinkedIn community that brings together attendees, speakers, and partners from High Alpha Innovation's annual Alloy conference, as well as their larger networks.
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An exclusive community for corporate venture studios—organizations within corporations that have both "build" and capital functions—to learn from one another, collaborate on ideas and deals, and advocate for studios as a new model for innovation.
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