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You have passion for — and experience in — building. You want to solve hard problems, assemble great teams, raise capital from the best partners, and create a growing, thriving company. Together, we can make that happen.

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By the time we launch a company, our team has spent months exploring a wide range of opportunities, speaking to dozens of customers and experts, and building a full initial business design and pitch, giving you a big jumpstart on the path to product-market fit in a validated problem space where a solution is in high demand.

High Alpha Innovation startups are pointed directly at big, difficult problems facing our partners. As such, our partners are often thrilled to provide insight into their industries, product feedback, and even sign up as first paying customers.

Our dedicated team of recruiters and HR experts helps equip co-founders with a purpose-built team to execute on early-stage milestones, leveraging our entrepreneurial network of world-class talent.

High Alpha Innovation companies launch with initial seed financing in place, meaning you can spend your first months understanding your customer and building, not bootstrapping or fundraising.

The High Alpha Innovation Acceleration team is standing by to help with everything from finalizing incorporation documents, to setting up back office support including finance, accounting, and talent.

As a High Alpha Innovation founder, you’ll have access to a broad network of support including venture studio experts, VCs, fellow entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts.

A headshot of Trey Closson.

The High Alpha Innovation network is incredibly strong. I’ve learned so much along the way, which ultimately helped me raise our Seed round from top-tier VCs just 10 months from incorporation.

trey closson, ceo // amplio
A headshot of Tracy Adams

With High Alpha Innovation, you can the freedom and ownership of founding a company along with a vetted idea, a beta client, initial capital, a vibrant community and top-notch advisors all at once.

Tracy Adams, CTO // Greetr
A headshot of Doug Brooks

As a first-time founder, there were a lot of unknowns related to starting my own business.  After gaining an understanding of the support they provide to founders, it was easy for me to make the decision to join the High Alpha Innovation portfolio: there is always someone that I can talk to help me work through my challenges.

Doug Brooks, ceo // Belle Pet
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