Multinational conglomerate Koch Industries is a large manufacturer of electrical components and connectors. Product category leaders within the company often spent significant time and effort pulling reports from multiple sources to develop a holistic assessment of risk across the supply chain. Koch Industries’ innovation accelerator, Advance Concepts, and High Alpha Innovation partnered to better understand key challenges faced by supply chain leaders and identified a gap in the market around proactive risk management tools. The collaborative team then rapidly developed concepts to address this pain point, which had escalated significantly in the wake of COVID-related supply chain disruptions.

amplio, a proactive supply chain risk diagnostic platform, launched with industry expert Trey Closson serving as founder and CEO. As an early investor in amplio, Koch was first in line to execute a POC with the founding team and address this critical business challenge head-on. Since then, Koch subsidiary Molex has converted to a paying customer, alongside several other supply chain leaders in adjacent industries.


The incoming CEO had immediate understanding of the business and relationships which accelerated the onboarding process and allowed the founding team to get into business development faster than anticipated.


amplio was immediately able to use market insights to learn about new opportunities for their platform and their connections and relationships sped up the exploration of potential new revenue sources adjacent to the initial concept.


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