Around 55% of U.S. farmland is leased, and growers pay around $25 billion in lease payments annually to landowners. That equates to 10-15% of total farm expenses. Leased land is critically important to growing operations, both large and small. However, this land is in transition, with one million acres changing ownership every month over the next 15 years. Growers have always built their businesses on trusted relationships, and no relationship is more critical to their livelihood than the one with landowners from whom they rent. In a competitive market, maintaining access to their land is essential to avoid revenue losses and margin compression.

The Oaken land management platform helps growers curate and share critical data with key stakeholders, saving them time and effort in managing their important business relationships. The centralized solution helps farmers secure and retain access to land, buyers, and capital streamlining document management and communication with landowners. By providing a simple digital solution for data sharing, Oaken saves growers time, rewards existing best practices, and improves their reputation allowing them to grow their operations. Meanwhile, landowners gain crucial insights that help them strengthen their grower relationships and better manage succession planning.




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