A global pharmaceutical leader wanted to build a new venture that addressed a critical pain point facing many pharmas: millions of dollars lost annually due to delayed release cycles of marketing materials. Ensuring accurate information in drug-related content geared toward patients and healthcare providers is essential. Too often, though, those materials take months to get into the hands of consumers and HCPs, due to operational inefficiencies with internal reviews. So, the pharmaceutical company and High Alpha Innovation evaluated technology solutions that could help drug manufacturers strike a balance between creative and compliance and push pharma collateral to market faster and more cost-effectively.

The international pharma launched Revisto, an AI-driven platform that accelerates the release time of pharma materials geared toward HCPs, patients, and payors significantly by streamlining and automating the Medical, Legal, and Regulatory (MLR) review process and empowering intelligent content optimization. With Revisto, marketing teams at drug manufacturers now have a trusted digital partner to create on-brand content that upholds the highest standards of accuracy and compliance early in the process. The solution enables seamless collaboration with internal subject-matter experts and legal personnel to approve and publish materials more quickly and efficiently. The result is less wasted spend, fewer delays, expedited feedback cycles, and reduced process frustration.




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