The initial concept for vellum emerged through a program collaboration between IU Health and High Alpha Innovation. Workforce wellness is an important focus of IU Health’s strategy: during a 13-week launch program, the team identified a strategic need to improve personal and professional satisfaction for frontline workers, who often put others' needs before their own. Authenticity and a transparent emphasis on emotional health drives professional satisfaction and healthy work environments, and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, frontline teams are facing unprecedented levels of burnout and stress.

High Alpha Innovation executed a 13-week launch program with a highly engaged working team of IU health experts, senior leaders, and healthcare practitioners, resulting in the launch of vellum, an app-based platform that helps frontline teams build cohesion in the workplace and lead healthier, more joyful lives, translating simple workplace habits like personal reflection and team-wide sharing into meaningful, rewarding connection. vellum is led by founder and CEO John Larsen.


Mission-oriented launch accomplished partner business goals as well as delivered on a much-needed product market fit


IU Health served as early product beta tester within hospital system


High Alpha Innovation talent team identified and recruited top CTO candidate from within nursing and digital health space shortly after launch
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