Wellstar Health System, one of the largest healthcare systems in Georgia, launched Catalyst by Wellstar, a specialized venture firm, to explore transformative innovation opportunities in the health space that could facilitate positive change for both healthcare providers and patients. By working with High Alpha Innovation, Catalyst was able to narrow in on lingering issues tied to hospital workforce management it could solve for through new venture creation. A key problem area deemed worthy of disruption was streamlining nurse shift management, an arduous (and thankless) job for hospital admins, but also a process that left nurses without a voice and with high job dissatisfaction and burnout.

Catalyst launched vflok, a revolutionary workforce optimization solution that places connected communities of nurses at the center of the scheduling process and offers greater transparency and flexibility so nurses can have a better work-life balance. By embedding advanced machine learning models and generative AI into the scheduling workflow, nurses can use vflok to more easily and quickly shape their work hours together, arrange in-system coverage when unexpected events happen, and eliminate the opaque nature of schedule development.




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