An outside perspective with John Garry of High Alpha Innovation

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High Alpha Innovation Associate John Garry joined Kevin McArdle and Bri McCullough of The Tech.MN Podcast to discuss the state of venture capital during Twin Cities Startup Week Live.

On the podcast, John discussed his path to venture capital, High Alpha’s venture studio, and gave an outside look on the Minneapolis startup ecosystem and why High Alpha is building roots in Minnesota.

“One thing we look for in founders is the ability to recruit others to your vision,” John told the Tech.MN Podcast. “If you’re not constantly making yourself obsolete and recruiting people who are better at the things that you’re not the best in the world at, it’s really tough to build a scalable venture business. At the stage we get involved on the studio side, and to an extent even the capital side, really all you have is a vision. You might not even have a product, you might have some wireframes to show.”

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

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