Forge is High Alpha Innovation's annual founder's summit. This event brings together co-founders from across High Alpha Innovation's portfolio for the opportunity to deepen relationships and learn from the expertise & insights of venture industry leaders.

    Forge plays a crucial role in High Alpha Innovation's commitment to offering an extensive network of support to its portfolio founders. This network includes venture investors, customers, fellow entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts, contributing to a robust ecosystem aimed at fostering growth and success.

    At Alpine Health, our capacity for scalable growth as a digital health company was fueled by having our first customer to rigorously test and refine our AI models, gaining valuable insights into the specific problems they wanted to solve. The collaborative efforts of OSF and HAI accelerated the realization of our roadmap, which would have been more challenging without the benefit of their established partnerships and support

    - Humberto Lee, CEO of Alpine Health

    Forge 2023 centers around exploring the profound impact of decision-making on venture building outcomes. In this session, we delved into the intricacies of the logic and philosophy that underlie making informed decisions, emphasizing practical and repeatable knowledge.

    Leading startup growth advisor Nicole Glaros navigated through the decision-making process, probing key questions such as when to make a decision, identifying the root cause of a problem, and obtaining the right information for sound decision-making.


    Winston Gu partner at Cooley, the leading law firm for startups, shared insights on diverse aspects of venture fundraising. Topics included equity financing, valuation, market trends, and deal processes within the realm of venture building. Winston guided founders through an interactive discussion to equip them with knowledge as they approach their own fundraising.

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