OSF HealthCare is leading the charge to innovate in health care and ultimately creating value both community-wide and around the world. In collaboration with High Alpha Innovation, OSF approached focus areas like talent scarcity, patient navigation, health care in the home and modernizing enterprise tools, ultimately creating a venture studio approach to building new companies, optimizing resources, exploring new markets and pursuing transformative ideas.‍

Excess hospital stays are a burden for patients, case managers, and hospital systems, often affecting the most vulnerable patient populations. Together with High Alpha Innovation, OSF completed a 13-week launch program to build a startup addressing complex patient discharges, which resulted in Alpine. Alpine helps healthcare organizations rescue every reimbursement dollar via AI-powered risk assessments, EHR workflow integration, and real-time actionable insights to surface and solve complex discharges earlier in the process. Alpine is led by co-founder and CEO Humberto Lee.




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