The agrifood industry already loses around $35 billion a year in revenue due to repairs and maintenance costs. Worsening labor shortages, rapidly advancing equipment technologies, and a needed 70% increase in farmed food production by 2050 are adding to strain to an already stressed industry. Many agrifood businesses face significant hurdles from constantly changing consumer preferences to disrupted supply chains. Any equipment failures or downtime is not only expensive but also a threat to our food security. An aging workforce coupled with more technical and complicated equipment is a recipe for disaster, especially during maintenance surprises.

Gripp was launched by High Alpha Innovation and DIAL Ventures to help agriculture retailers and food manufacturers better handle maintenance and tackle repairs to support their day-to-day operations. Reducing downtime will increase profitability via revenue growth through additional output. Gripp is helping the agrifood industry to adopt technologies available to leverage existing resources and maximize operational efficiencies. By digitizing their farming business with Gripp, growers can seamlessly connect their equipment and operations without needing to invest in high-cost hardware sensors. In turn, they can increase their crop yields and decrease operational expenses.




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