Producing compelling, high-quality video content at scale has long been a problem for food manufacturers, retailers, and restaurants that want to build trust with and engage consumers by telling stories about the origins of the food they eat. At the same time, farmers nationwide are constantly struggling with high operating costs, and could benefit from a secondary revenue stream. Recognizing these problems and the lack of a solution in the market, DIAL Ventures, an agrifood-focused venture studio launched by Purdue University in partnership with High Alpha Innovation, decided to co-create a marketing technology startup with our team that could address both these distinct pain points.

DIAL and HAI co-created Make Hay, a B2B MarTech platform that enables brands to produce authentic and trusted agricultural-related content at scale, while amplifying and empowering the voices of America's Agriculture Industry. Growers and producers can shoot videos right from their phones to share their story behind the hard work and labor of love that goes into producing meat, plants, grains, fruits, and vegetables — all the food we consume every day. In turn, brands, through a subscription service, can leverage these videos in their social media marketing channels to continue to build greater trust with customers and become more efficient with their content creation process.




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