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There's a problem with innovation inside of big companies. And it's not what you think. Corporations are better managed than ever, but they're less capable of delivering the breakthroughs that change our world for the better. Big companies are too often focused on efficiency instead of resiliency. They're optimized for safety and predictability, for maintenance of the status quo. Their focus on capital efficiency leads them to engage in an illusion of innovation: activity that feels like innovation but leads to value destruction, not progress.

  • What the Federal Witness Protection Program reveals about the power of individuals
  • How the Amazon river basin relies on random evolution to build resiliency
  • How the NBA's shift to the three-point rule demonstrates the importance of thoughtful experiments
  • How one-thousand-year-old businesses survive crises

The winners in this next phase of business evolution will be what Elliott Parker dubs "optimistic contrarians" — and big rewards will accrue to those who are bold enough to bet on ideas that don't fit conventional wisdom. His book is full of actionable insights, and enlightening examples from recent (and also ancient) history. It's a great guide to navigating what comes next.

Scott Kirsner, CEO & Co-Founder, InnoLead

Business leaders must extend their gaze beyond the immediacy of quarterly results. Parker offers a compelling roadmap for navigating the uncertainties of tomorrow, offering strategic guidance on how visionary leaders can future-proof their organizations and drive sustained success. This is essential reading for leaders who understand that long-term growth demands a visionary approach today.

Mark Johnson, Co-Founder, Innosight, co-author of Lead From the Future

Elliott does a masterful job breaking down what so many know but are afraid to say - the quest for safety and security puts companies at more risk than they can imagine because it makes them resistant, and even unable, to change.  By busting the illusion of innovation, Elliott shows us a path forward, one that leads to resilient and enduring organizations.

Robyn Bolton, founder of innovation consultancy, Mile Zero

“A sweeping but down-to-earth manifesto on the promise and perils of trying new things.”
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The Illusion of Innovation

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