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DIAL Ventures and High Alpha Innovation Build First-of-Its-Kind AgTech Platform

High Alpha Innovation

DIAL Ventures, an agrifood-focused venture studio launched by Purdue University in partnership with High Alpha Innovation, the leading venture builder that co-creates advantaged startups to solve compelling problems, announces the launch of Make Hay, a new B2B marketing platform that enables brands to produce authentic and trusted agricultural-related content at scale, while amplifying and empowering the voices of America's Agriculture Industry.

By empowering farmers of different generations across the U.S. to become content creators, Make Hay will not only provide a larger platform to be heard but also enable farmers to tap into an accessible and sustainable secondary revenue stream.

Meanwhile, brands who sign up for Make Hay get to leverage these compelling stories via authentic and timely user-generated content to better inform and educate consumers about the origins of the food they eat.

Make Hay's first-of-its-kind digital marketing platform will make it easy for farmers and producers to create simple, yet raw and impactful content that the world's most beloved food manufacturers, restaurants, and retailers can use through a subscription service.

Brands will be able to share the story behind the hard work and labor of love that goes into producing meat, plants, grains, fruits, and vegetables — all the food we consume every day. In turn, these organizations can continue to build greater trust with customers and become more efficient with their content creation process.

"With Make Hay, we are developing a tech platform that creates deeper connections, facilitates efficiencies, and ultimately provides a stage that will empower all the individually unique stories of our land," said Make Hay CEO Scott Nelson.

"High Alpha Innovation is proud to partner with DIAL Ventures to launch Make Hay, a novel marketing platform that can have a far-reaching, positive impact," said High Alpha Innovation Director Ryan Larcom.

"In a world where trust and authenticity are rare, Make Hay enables brands to be direct and upfront with consumers about the agricultural origins of the sourced food used to create meals at their restaurants and goods sold at grocery stores," Ryan added.

"At DIAL Ventures, we care about the nexus between consumers and the food value chain — the transparency between the consumer and knowing how their food is produced," said Allan Gray, Executive Director for DIAL Ventures.

"Make Hay arose from this theme to connect consumer packaged goods companies and leading restaurant chains back through the supply chain directly to the farmers and ranchers that serve our nation," Allan continued. "Make Hay is a fantastic solution, with real stories about where our food comes from and the record of sustainable modern agriculture that benefits our world."

The pre-launch interest for Make Hay has been substantial, with several pre-pilot commitments from farms throughout the U.S. If you want to learn more, check out the Make Hay website to inquire about joining our pilot program, or sign up for the Make Hay Minute newsletter.

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